When I was a kid, my old blue Malvern Star was an adventure on wheels.

It may have had peeling paint and rusty spokes, but it delivered all the freedom, friendship and fitness an active, growing boy could ever want. Then came the excitement of my first car which was needed to transport me to my first serious job, and before I knew it, my cycling days were far behind me. 

Or so I thought. When a routine visit to the doctor revealed the need for some pretty radical changes to my lifestyle, it was time to seriously re-evaluate my priorities. In addition to some important dietary changes, the doctor said I needed to reintroduce some regular exercise into my daily life. 

Now, we all know we should eat better and do more exercise, so this was hardly rocket science. But in my case, a simple lifestyle tweak was out of the question, owing to an arthritic condition I developed in later life, which had led to a total hip replacement.

Not being able to walk or run any great distance, it was time to start thinking more creatively about how to squeeze fitness back into my busy lifestyle. It was around that time that I recalled my love of cycling all those years ago, so I bought myself a new bicycle and set out excitedly to relive my youth! 

Those first few minutes were bliss, until I hit a steep incline. Then cramps, breathlessness and complete exhaustion swiftly followed. 

Needless to say the bike spent far more in the garage than on the road over the following months as riding became yet another chore best avoided. Then came a fitness revelation. During an overseas trip to China, I was amazed by the range of electric vehicles being used there. Of particular interest were the ebikes, especially the “Pedelecs” or peddle assisted bicycles. 

These things have a small DC motor, lithium ion battery and control circuitry to allow them to assist your riding, a bit like having someone give you a gentle push along, especially up hills! A very usable range of around 50km, combined with being completely legal on Australian roads (no licence or registration required), made this ebike a perfect choice for commuting — and even more importantly for me, returning to cycling after a long break.

On my return to Australia, I immediately began investigating the availability of ebikes locally. My choices seemed to be limited to ebay cheapies with dodgy warranty, or mega bucks for a quality mid-drive model. 

I considered this price tag a bit expensive for an entry-level cyclist just wanting to ‘test the water’. So I decided to try and build my own quality mid drive pedelec bicycle for a reasonable price. Being a qualified electrical fitter and an avid amateur bicycle mechanic, it seemed a natural step given the experience I already had in this field. After many months studying and testing different components, I built my first commercial model: the DBM01 HARDTAIL based on a Diamondback Outlook frame and 250w TRUCKRUN mid drive MO5 motor. 

What I loved most about this bike was the ability to vary the amount of power, which allowed me to gradually build up my fitness. I found that after a few weeks of riding I was needing less and less assistance, and these days I’m happy to go on a long ride knowing I don’t have to be scared of hills!

Building that first model paved the way for many different and improved versions that I have since built utilising some of the best brands of bicycles available today. 

Over the last year I have been able to expand my inventory to selling all types of bicycles, tricycles, scooters and having a great stock of accessories and spares. I can now also supply mid and hub drive motor kits and lithium-ion batteries so you can convert your current bike into a pedelec, or I’m happy to do the conversion for you at a very reasonable price.

For more information regarding my product range, services and pricing please feel free to call me on 02 6721 5627 or mobile: 0422 953 419 during business hours.

What’s your health worth?

Cheers, Dan