Questions and Answers:

How does a pedal-assisted ebike work?

Ebikes have many benefits. They get all kinds of people outside and exercising, and opting to cycle instead of drive reduces emissions and also reduces traffic congestion. But have you ever wondered: “How do Electric Bikes Work?” This post explains the basics of how my bikes work.

An electric bike is – at its core – a bicycle, but it has a motor, battery, and (sometimes) a throttle that standard bikes do not have. These bikes are either retrofitted with a kit to become motorized or can be purchased new and already modded to be electric. Almost all of them require pedaling, as reflected in the term “Pedelec.” With Pedelec bikes, the amount of assistance is linked to your pedaling.

My pedelec systems use a cadence sensor. Once you start pedaling, there is a two-second delay, and then the motor starts up. The level of assistance is controlled by the level of assistance you have chosen on the console (0-5), making it easy to find the right amount of help when you need it.

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Can I ride these ebikes on the road?

In most cases the answer is yes! – and no need for a driver’s license!
When setting up correctly, all my ebikes and kits are ready for riding on Australian roads. They conform to the EN15194 standard for European pedelecs which is defined as “a pedal-assisted bicycle with a motor of not greater than 250w, without a throttle control, and speed limited (under power) to 25km/h. Of course, you can ride faster (if you’re up to it) but the pedal assistance must cut out at 25km/h or above.
Please note that I do supply a throttle control with my ebikes and conversion kits but technically it should be disabled for completely legal on-road use.

with the correct interface and software, the Truckrun mid drive motor can be configured to run in a number of different modes, some of which may result in the product being illegal for road use. We do not advise changing the internal settings, and if done, will void any warranty we offer. We take no responsibility for the on-road legality if any modifications or changes to settings are attempted.

For more info please call or text me on 0422 953 419